What did we do:

Bluemonk Agency took on the challenge of redesigning the client portal for AFM, the financial services regulatory authority for the Netherlands. The portal enables clients to file different filings related to the stock market in an efficient and timely manner. As a regulatory authority, AFM demanded a highly secure and robust system with uncompromising standards. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing portal to identify gaps and areas for improvement. We worked closely with AFM to ensure that the redesign aligned with the regulatory authority's vision, mission, and values.

step 1

A user-friendly portal

One of our main goals was to enhance the user experience and make the portal more user-friendly. We achieved this by providing intuitive navigation, and simplifying the filing process. The new portal now offers a highly interactive and responsive user interface, with easy-to-understand instructions, clear call-to-actions, and smart features to help users get their filings done quickly and accurately.

step 2

Data protection

Security and data privacy were our top priorities, and we implemented multiple layers of security and compliance checks. We utilized the latest encryption and data protection protocols to ensure the safety of all client data.

step 3

Streamlined experience

The result is a highly secure, user-friendly, and reliable client portal that meets the demands of a regulatory authority while providing an intuitive and streamlined user experience.

step 4

Integration with existing systems:

We ensured that the new client portal seamlessly integrated with AFM's existing systems, allowing for efficient and accurate data transfer.

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