What did we do:

BlueMonk Agency undertook a comprehensive redesign project for Vanderlande's PMP tool. Developed specifically for engineers operating in airports worldwide, the PMP tool serves as an invaluable resource for analyzing and resolving issues within baggage belts. This multifaceted tool empowers engineers to swiftly identify and address challenges on-site, including blockages, baggage, sensor, and camera issues, and more. Remarkably, the tool's adaptability extends beyond airports, making it equally suitable for warehousing environments. With our expertise, we have crafted a versatile retrospective tool that optimizes efficiency and problem-solving capabilities across diverse operational settings.

step 1

Data Import

BlueMonk Agency revolutionized data import for the PMP tool through API integration. Automated retrieval from data providers and sensors streamlined the process, providing real-time access to accurate information. This enhancement empowers engineers with efficient baggage belt analysis and issue resolution capabilities.

step 2

User Experience

We meticulously analyzed the user experience of the PMP, ensuring seamless functionality across diverse scenarios and devices. From elevation levels to handheld devices like PID, our in-depth evaluation facilitated a seamless and intuitive user interface, enhancing accessibility and usability across various contexts.

step 3

Deep Analysis Tools

We are excited to unveil the extended capabilities of our Performance Monitoring Platform (PMP). With the addition of advanced deep analysis features on multiple route levels, engineers now have access to detailed information, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize operations with confidence.


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