What did we do:

Engaged in a strategic collaboration with Philips to overhaul and optimize their content environment to meet their diverse content needs and strategies. The new online platform boasts a contemporary and dynamic user experience, while providing a tailored approach to content delivery that aligns seamlessly with Philips' brand objectives. The outcome is a well-crafted digital content ecosystem that empowers Philips to effectively connect with and engage its target audience, enhancing its corporate presence in the digital space.

step 1

Content strategy

Developed a robust content strategy that aligns with Philips' vision, brand values, and audience preferences, to deliver an engaging and informative user experience.

step 2

User research

Conducted extensive user research to identify pain points, preferences, and behaviors of Philips' target audience, leading to the development of a user-centric content environment that enhances user satisfaction and engagement. This includes optimizing the user journey, simplifying navigation, and improving the overall user experience to create a platform that resonates with the needs of Philips' customers.

step 3

Design System

Collaborated with Philips to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface design that enhances user navigation, simplifies content discovery, and maximizes engagement across multiple devices and platforms.


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