What did we do:

Bluemonk Agency partnered with BME to design a customized white-label e-commerce solution that met the unique needs of their 300 business units across Europe. Our team worked closely with BME to create a flexible and scalable platform that could be easily integrated into each business unit's existing E-commerce systems, allowing for a seamless transition to the new solution. Through our user-centered design approach and emphasis on user experience, we ensured that the platform was intuitive and easy to navigate for both customers and business users. The result was a powerful, reliable, and effective e-commerce solution that allowed BME to efficiently manage and grow their online presence while maintaining their brand identity across their multiple business units.

step 1

Customizable platform

We designed a highly flexible platform tailored to the unique needs of each business unit, accommodating a wide range of technologies, workflows, and technical capabilities.

step 2

Streamlined checkout

Integrated a simplified checkout process that reduced cart abandonment rates by 30%, providing a seamless and efficient buying experience for customers.

step 3

Design System

Provided comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption of the platform across all 300 business units, overcoming the challenges of varying technical maturity levels.

step 4

Data-driven strategy

Implemented advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to enable BME to make data-driven decisions and optimize their e-commerce strategy, resulting in improved performance and increased revenue.

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